What is the most environmentally-friendly flooring choice?

Environmentally-friendly flooringRemodeling projects can be a source of a lot of waste as old materials are tossed out and new materials brought in. As flooring contractors and a flooring supplier, we understand the importance of responsible management of projects. We offer a variety of eco-friendlier flooring options in our showroom and aim to educate our clients on the most environmentally-friendly flooring choices.
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Flooring choice – home style, room use, and psychology.

There are many considerations when choosing the right flooring options for your home.

Flooring and room use

Floor choicesYou need to consider how each space in your home will be used. Anticipated floor traffic, potential spills and scuffs, and the humidity of each room should be considered. Rooms were you expect a lot of traffic should have more durable floors that are easy to clean. Kitchens and bathrooms where the floor will likely encounter water on a regular basis, should be able to maintain integrity in humid and wet conditions. Stain resistant floors are ideal for children’s rooms.
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Tile Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

Tile Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom can be one of the most frequented rooms in your home. It will receive guests, but it can also be a private place where you find yourself decompressing in a hot bath. For these reasons, a bathroom deserves thoughtful planning for a … [Continue reading]

Health Benefits of Spending Time on Your Floor

We are just starting a new year, and many folks are thinking about ways to be healthier this year. For most people things like improved diet, stress reduction, better sleep, more time with family, and regular exercise come to mind. But did you know … [Continue reading]

What it Means to be a Great Business

At The Floor Store, we put a lot of effort into being the best business we can. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and are especially grateful to our customers who have taken the time to leave feedback. In the spirit of reflection and … [Continue reading]