What to Expect

We believe that planning, preparedness and knowing what to expect from us during the installation process is a key factor for the project to move forward smoothly and successfully.  Below is a list of reminders and hints to help you and us accomplish this goal.

Before the installation:

  • Our arrival time to the job site is between 9:00 and 10:00 am unless otherwise scheduled ( not including picking up additional supplies needed for your particular job) Please be present to sign the work order and make any deposit payment required.  Also please be present every day we are scheduled to let us in or arrange for a key to be available.
  • Make sure all breakables, nick-nacks and valuables are put away.
  • Make sure that the bottoms of closets are empty.
  • We move heavy furniture items with the exception of pianos, aquariums, grandfather clocks and pool tables.
  • Please disconnect all electronic equipment and store away.
  • Empty china cabinets and book shelves.
  • We move appliances so please have gas appliances disconnected prior to our arrival. 
  • We move beds so please remove pillows and coverings and store away.
  • Please have your pets confined to an area that is not involved in the installation process.

During the installation:

  • Our work day is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm unless otherwise agreed.
  • Tiled ceramic floors and glued down wood floors can NOT be walked on until 12 hours after installed or the next morning.
  • Please keep pets out of our working area since adhesives and mortar materials may be present and harm your animal during the installation.
  • Please do not schedule any other work to be done at the installed areas since no one will be able to walk on the newly installed floor.
  • Please have access to water and electrical sources.

After the installation:

  • In the case of tiled floors, please wait until the next day before washing the grout film to permit adequate drying time.
  • DO NOT drag any heavy furniture across the floor, especially wood floors.  Use felt pads under furniture and chairs to prevent any scratches and scuff marks.
  • Protect your floor from sand resulting from outside traffic by placing door mats, sweeping and vacuuming frequently.